Web Development Coding Bootcamp
Learn to Code in JavaScript

  • Multi-awarded fullstack web development online or on-campus coding bootcamp. Learn to code in JavaScript, React and Laravel in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • 12-week fulltime online or in-person programme. The fastest way to change your career. Suitable also for beginners who complete the pre-bootcamp studies.
  • Best reviews and graduate placement - 90% hiring rate. Our tuition is affordable - we offer the best price : quality ratio coding bootcamp in the world.

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Upcoming batches: 9.9. - 29.11. 2024. *Discounts available for early bird registrations.

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Number 1
Digital Skills Program
in Europe by the EU

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Top 3
Skills & Dev Program
in Europe by the MIT

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Web Developer with a Job Guarantee

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85+ reviews
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90+ reviews
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Like a Programmer

Coding Bootcamp Praha Like a Programmer

Step by step we will teach you how to start thinking like a programmer. Learn how to break down problems and design solutions. Programming is not about syntax but logic. Understand the full development cycle and become a real software engineer.

Frontend and Backend

Coding Bootcamp Praha Frontend and Backend

Build fullstack web applications in JavaScript, React and Laravel. In our industry-tested curriculum we carefully selected the most sought-after skills. Create a portfolio of projects and instantly apply your knowledge. Share your code on Github and become git-proficient.

Online or In-person

Coding Bootcamp Praha Small Classes

Choose how you prefer to study - whether online from your home or in person at our modern well-equipped campus. You can switch between these modes on a daily basis. Optionally, utilise the access to the study space - 7 days a week. Enjoy all the benefits of flexibility.


Coding Bootcamp Praha Full-time

12 Weeks Fulltime
420 teaching hours
4 Hackathons and 1 Demo Day
30+ Nationalities of our graduates
20+ hours of career support & extra workshops
100% Intense immersive experience

Top Quality Mentors

Coding Bootcamp Praha Top Quality Mentors

All our instructors and mentors are experienced programmers who have worked on top projects. Together they accumulate 100+ years of experience - ask them anything. Learning the best practices from experienced programmers will save you a lot of trouble in your future job.

Job Guarantee

Coding Bootcamp Praha Get Hired

Begin your career in web development with the help of our career advisers who check your CVs, give you job hunting tips and prepare you for interviews and coach you until you find your dream job. Meet our hiring partners. We guarantee that you find a job - check our Job Guarantee Scheme.

Program your better future with the Coding Bootcamp Praha

Immersive English-taught web development coding bootcamp based in Prague, Czech Republic. Or study online.

Proven method for getting into web development & the tech world for career changers

Coding Bootcamp Praha


Multi-awarded coding bootcamp. Selected #1 in Europe at the ICT2018 and Top #3 by the MIT.

Industry-tested curriculum. Syllabus features top technologies used in the modern web development.

We guarantee that you find a job or your tuition fee gets refunded. Check our Job Guarantee Scheme.

Networking opportunities - Demo Day, HR workshops, Alumni events, Welcome Party, Tech Workshops.

Intense career advice for placing our graduates - CV & LinkedIn help and interview preparation.

Best money : value ratio in the world. Experienced Instructors. Top placement rate of our graduates.

Small classes of max 20 students. Study in person in central Prague location or fully online.

Tech For All Mission. The programme is organised by the edtech non-profit startup Data4You.


We equip our students with skills that they really need - from design and coding basics to creating full-stack web applications. You learn how to creatively solve real-world problems, discover best practices and create a complete portfolio, which you can present to your future employers. The bootcamp enables you to dive into the web development in three phases - The Coder, The Programmer, and The Developer.

The learning curve of the Coding Bootcamp Praha is steep, beginners are expected to finish a minimum of 60-hour Pre-bootcamp Work to smooth your transition into the software engineering mindset.

Our teaching method is 'learning by doing', during the bootcamp you create 6 main projects - 1 individual portfolio web, 4 team projects during our hackathons and 1 Final Team Project.

GET READY FOR THE BOOTCAMP. Start studying the basic concepts already at home.

You practice HTML, CSS, and learn the basics of JavaScript and php in step by step exercises. Learn about the Command Line / Terminal and how to use your computer efficiently. The goal is to understand the linkages between HTML, CSS, JavaScript and php.

Hackathon 1
Hackathon 2
Hackathon 3
Hackathon 4


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Coding Bootcamp Praha Typical day



Warm-up Coding Exercise

Get your brain ready . Refresh the basic concepts related to the today's topics.


Agile Stand-up

Checkpoint and motivation time. Share your progress & get inspired by the others.


Morning Class

Challenges of the day are introduced by the instructor through lectures and live-coding exercises



Grab a bite in the many restaurants nearby or warm-up your home-made food in our kitchenette.


Simulated Work Environment

Individual and group work on the challenges and portfolio projects in collaboration with our instructors. Learn by doing by applying the new concept right away.


Individual Progress Evaluations

Need help with anything specific? The mentors are here to assist you and give your tailored recommendations to help you progress as quickly as possible.


Wrap up

Wrap up the day by presenting the today's accomplishments.


Study Time

Use the campus space for continuing your studies and to work on your projects and challenges. Learning with others is more fun. Access the campus 7 days a week, morning until late evening.


Are you interested in tech and enjoy creating?

Students of Coding Bootcamp Praha come from all types of professional and academic backgrounds - from marketing, finance and law, fresh graduates, manual professions, assistants, teachers to business developers and startup founders. Just to name a few. A common trait? Passion for tech and desire to change their career path.

Daniela Zelinkova, Slovakia

'The instructors were amazing, helpful, smart and funny. They are really great at what they are doing and can actually teach.'

Daniela Zelinkova, Slovakia

Rutger Beerens, Netherlands

'Participating at the Coding Bootcamp Prague was one of the best decisions of my life. It’s like pushing the fast forward button in learning.'

Rutger Beerens, Netherlands


Coding Bootcamp Praha helps you find your dream job.
Our Career Team is with you at every step of the journey.

Who is a Web Developer? What can they do? Learn more >


All batches of Coding Bootcamp Praha can be studied in-person, online, or
you can combine both study modes as you see fit. Learn more >

Autumn Batch 9.9. - 29.11. 2024 Full-time From 109 800 Kč / ~4 345 €*
Winter Batch 20.1. - 11.4. 2025 Full-time From 109 800 Kč / ~4 345 €*

Fees & Financing

The tuition fee includes access to the:

done mentors
done all collaboration tools
done teaching materials
done classroom for (self)study
done career services
done kitchen with tea and coffee
done both study modes (in-person and online)
done Demo Day

Pay in 1 instalment

You can pay the tuition fee in one go and utilise the available discounts.

Standard Payment: 122 000 Kč (~ 4 827 EUR)

Early Bird Payment (5%): 115 900 Kč (~ 4 586 EUR)

  • 5% discount is available up to 3 months before the batch

Super Early Bird Payment (10%): 109 800 Kč (~ 4 345 EUR)

  • 10% discount is available up to 5 months before the batch

Pay in multiple instalments

You can split the tuition fee into 3 payments.

1st Instalment: 39 000 Kč (~ 1 544 EUR)

2nd Instalment: 43 500 Kč (~ 1 722 EUR)

3rd Instalment: 43 500 Kč (~ 1 722 EUR)

This plan of total of 126 000 Kč (~ 4 986 EUR) is split into 3 payments. The first payment is due at the time of acceptance. The second payment is due one month before the bootcamp. The third payment is due 1 month after the bootcamp starts.

Pay later

Are you on a tight budget? Pay the majority of the tuition afterwards.

1st Instalment: 39 000 Kč (~ 1 544 EUR)

Deferred Payments (10 Monthly Payments after Bootcamp): 11 300 Kč (~ 448 EUR)

This plan of total of 152 000 Kč (~ 6 014 EUR) is split into 1st instalment at the time of acceptance and 10 future payments after the BootCamp.

After completing the programme, the student pays 11 300 CZK (~ 470 EUR) monthly. This plan is available to all participants with Czech citizenship or Czech permanent residency. Learn more >

Pay Later with 50 000 Kč MPSV support

Apply for a 50 000 Kč financial support available for all tax residents in the Czech Republic

Available for anyone residing in the Czech Republic: Get up to 50,000 CZK from the Labour Office (payable after you successfully complete the course). This support is available for anyone (whether employed, student or unemployed) who resides in the Czech Republic. You must be accepted to the bootcamp and apply at the Labour Office max 30 days before the bootcamp starts. Find out how it works: Learn more >

Batches of Web Development Bootcamp since 2016

Batch #22 4.9. - 24.11. 2023

Batch #21 24.4. - 14.7. 2023

Batch #20 9.1. - 31.3. 2023

Batch #19 5.9. - 25.11. 2022

Batch #18 2.5. - 22.7. 2022

Batch #17 10.1. - 1.4. 2022

Batch #16 6.9. - 26.11. 2021

Batch #15 26.4. - 16.7. 2021

Batch #14 4.1. - 26.4. 2021

Batch #13 7.9. - 27.11. 2020

Batch #12 27.4. - 17.7. 2020

Batch #11 13.1. - 3.4. 2020

Batch #10 9.9. - 29.11. 2019

Batch #9 29.4. - 19.7. 2019

Batch #8 7.1. - 29.3. 2019

Batch #7 3.9. - 23.11. 2018

Batch #6 23.4. - 13.7. 2018

Batch #5 8.1. - 30.3. 2018

Batch #4 4.9. - 24.11. 2017

Batch #3 18.4. - 10.7. 2017

Batch #2 9.1. - 31.3. 2017

Batch #1 26.9. - 16.12. 2016